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Getting a personalized photofacial with the state-of-the-art Sciton® Joule™ BBL™ platform can reverse sun damage, even out your skin tone and texture, and treat acne breakouts. At Forever Bella Med Spa in Del Rio, Texas, you can restore your more youthful skin with revitalizing photofacial treatments offered by aesthetic specialist, Edith Peterson. Call the medical spa directly to book a visit.

Photofacial Q & A

Why is a photofacial important?

A photofacial is an entirely noninvasive and nonsurgical way to promote skin healing and cell turnover, simply by exposing your skin to intense pulsed light (IPL) beams. Your customized photofacial service is important because it can minimize the appearance of:

  • Sun damage, age spots, or dark spots
  • Birthmarks or freckles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Facial vessels
  • Rosacea

Getting an IPL photofacial treatment with the Joule platform can even help your skin heal during an acne breakout, which can ultimately reduce your risk of acne scars.

What happens during a photofacial?

An IPL photofacial with Joule is one of the most in-demand anti-aging and skin care treatments offered at Forever Bella Med Spa. Because Joule emits many different wavelengths of IPL — versus laser which only has one wavelength — the energy can penetrate deep down into the second layer of your skin (the dermis).

During your photofacial service, Edith moves the handheld applicator over your face, neck, and décolleté, focusing on problem areas. Each burst of intense light, which feels almost like a tiny rubber band hitting your skin, gets absorbed by pigmented cells.

The light energy is quickly converted into heat, which destroys the unwanted pigments. Once these pigments are broken up, your skin starts pushing them up to the top, where they can exfoliate away. At the same time, healthier more even-toned skin tissues are building up underneath and make their way to the surface for a healthier complexion.

How many photofacial treatments do I need?

You may be able to achieve your skin goals with a single photofacial session from Forever Bella Med Spa. If you have more complex concerns, such as dramatic sun damage or dark freckles, Edith could recommend getting a package of about two to four monthly photofacial sessions.

Since you’re going to continue to age, the team at Forever Bella Med Spa encourage you to come in for maintenance IPL photofacial treatments about once or twice a year.

Schedule your photofacial consultation at Forever Bella Med Spa and enhance your natural beauty starting with your first session. Call the office today.

Individual results may vary.