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Polydioxanone (PDO) sutures provide an entirely nonsurgical face-lift right in the office. As a leader in modern medical aesthetics, Jaime Gutierrez, MD, of Forever Bella Med Spa provides PDO suture face-lifts for men and women in Del Rio, Texas. Find out how PDO sutures can benefit you by booking a consultation today. You can conveniently schedule a visit over the phone.

PDO Sutures Q & A

How do PDO sutures work?

PDO sutures, also known as “thread lifts,” help stimulate skin-tightening collagen production and lift your skin. They’re inserted into strategic places to create a scaffolding to support new and existing tissues, especially when they have succumbed to the effects of gravity and aging.

Generally, PDO sutures are inserted on the sides of your neck and jawline. They provide an almost instant lifting effect, while simultaneously stimulating an inflammatory response.

Cells realize there’s an injury in the area and jump into action to build up new skin tissue and collagen. Because the PDO sutures are in place to support these new tissues, skin continues to lift and smooth out over time.

What happens during a PDO sutures treatment?

Your PDO sutures treatment from Forever Bella Med Spa is entirely tailored to your skin and any specific concerns you’d like to target. Dr. Gutierrez gently numbs the treatment areas with a topical or local anesthetic. He carefully marks the areas where he’s going to insert the PDO sutures.

Dr. Gutierrez uses a thin hollow needle to insert the PDO sutures. These threads grasp onto sagging skin tissues and help Dr. Gutierrez lift and better reposition your skin.

Once the PDO suture is in place, Dr. Gutierrez removes the hollow needle and moves on to the next injection site until your entire service is complete.

Are PDO sutures permanent?

Once your PDO suture treatment from Forever Bella Medical Spa is complete, those sutures stay in place. They’re designed to gradually absorb over a period of about four to six months.

Even though the PDO sutures slowly dissolve, the effects they leave behind — new skin tissue and collagen — are permanent. The downside is that as you continue to age, you may start to experience issues with drooping or sagging skin in the future.

Since PDO sutures are minimally invasive and require no downtime, you can safely have more PDO sutures placed in the future if needed.

Not only do PDO sutures serve as an alternative to surgical face-lift procedures, but they can also revitalize your skin if you previously had a traditional face-lift procedure and are experiencing skin laxity.

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