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Botox® and fillers, like Juvéderm®, are designed to enhance your natural beauty and make the effects of aging seamlessly melt away. As an expert in modern medical aesthetics, Jaime Gutierrez, MD, provides personalized injectable services at Forever Bella Med Spa in Del Rio, Texas. Learn more about Botox and fillers by calling the medical spa directly today.

Botox and Fillers Q & A

Is there a difference between Botox and dermal fillers?

Though both Botox and fillers are formulated to make you appear more youthful — a “liquid face-lift” effect — they do so in different ways. Below are descriptions of how Botox and fillers work.


Botox is a highly purified form of a medical-grade botulinum strain. Its job is to interact with cell signaling that makes muscles contract and twitch. Since muscles are forced to temporarily relax, the skin smooths out and lines and wrinkles disappear.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers, like Juvéderm XC, add volume and plump your skin. They’re made from a hyaluronic acid gel, which attracts moisture, delivers nutrients, and fills in areas where you’ve lost volume or never had adequate fullness.

As hyaluronic gradually absorbs, it stimulates collagen production, so your skin naturally becomes firmer and tighter.

What can Botox and fillers treat?

Botox and fillers can be used as standalone treatments, or you can combine these injectables to resolve several imperfections during a single service. At Forever Bella Med Spa, both men and women can get Botox and fillers to:

  • Minimize the appearance of lines, grooves, and wrinkles
  • Erase crow’s feet, frown lines, or forehead creases
  • Soften nasolabial folds and smile lines
  • Contour your lips, jawline, or cheeks

Dr. Gutierrez personalizes your Botox and filler service to your specific concerns. Aside from a little soreness or swelling that can last for a couple of days, you won’t have any downtime with Botox or fillers. You notice a dramatic improvement in your appearance as soon as any initial side effects fade away.

How long do Botox and fillers last?

Though both Botox and fillers are long-lasting, they aren’t permanent. In most cases, Dr. Gutierrez finds that Botox provides optimal results for up to four months before the benefits gradually start fading away.

If you’re getting fillers at Forever Bella Bed Spa, you can expect them to last anywhere from 12-24 months, depending on which type of filler you select and your targeted area. Once your Botox or fillers wear off, it’s perfectly safe to receive the injectable treatments again.

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