You Don’t Have to Live With Acne Scars: Learn About Skin Resurfacing

Even if your last blemish disappeared decades ago, you may still be dealing with the unattractive reminders that your acne left: facial scarring and pitting. You know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but you’d still like to feel better about your skin.

You may have assumed you were stuck with those acne scars for life, but at Forever Bella Med Spa, we have a very effective treatment for minimizing and improving the appearance of acne scars, and it’s called skin resurfacing. You can trust our expert team, led by Jaime Gutierrez, MD, to smooth out your skin and give your confidence a much-needed boost.

Why do some pimples vanish, while others leave awful scars?

Not all acne is created equal. It’s when your acne is cystic and falls into the more persistent and serious range, that scarring happens more often. Picking at your skin also contributes to scarring. 

Scars can be either raised spots or depressions on your skin’s surface, so they give your skin an uneven surface. What’s more, acne scars can worsen with age as your skin loses elasticity. 

If you’ve decided you’ve had enough of feeling self-conscious about your scarring, you must treat the acne condition first, if you haven’t already. Once that’s under control, we can address your scars.

Laser skin resurfacing is comfortable and successful 

At Forever Bella Med Spa, we use a type of laser technology called BroadBand Light™, or BBL™, for skin resurfacing. It’s an innovative treatment delivered by a hand-held device that can truly minimize and improve the appearance of your acne scars. 

This process is known as a photofacial, and it has some great things going for it:

This intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is part of Sciton’sⓇ Joule™product line and is delivered by our star skin care specialist, Edith Peterson, who’s both experienced and compassionate.  

The combination of Edith’s careful hand and BBL’s advanced cooling technology ensures a pleasant treatment with minimal to no discomfort. She also knows that acne doesn’t affect just your face, so she’s versed in performing treatments on the neck and chest.

The best part, of course, is that after treatment, you may have trouble remembering where your acne scars even were. 

Feel better about your face now

We’re ready and waiting to speak with you about helping your acne scarring become a thing of the past. Give our office a call for an appointment to learn more about skin resurfacing. A smoother face can be in your immediate future with the help of BBL and our dedicated Forever Bella team.

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