Are You a Candidate for BioTe® Hormone Replacement Therapy?

You already know that changes in your hormone levels affect you. You lived through your teenage years and all the hormonal changes they brought your way. And if you’re a woman who hasn’t yet gone through menopause, you’re probably already bracing for the unwelcome symptoms shifting hormones will bring as you age.

But teens and women in menopause aren’t the only ones detrimentally affected by changing hormone levels. All people — men and women — experience hormonal changes with age. As you get older, your body slows its production of hormones that control everything from your metabolism to your libido to your mood. No surprise here: that often takes its toll. 

That’s why our team at Forever Bella Med Spa offers BioTE® hormone replacement therapy at our office in Del Rio, Texas. Here, Jaime Gutierrez, MD, and Paloma Solis-Cariaga, FNP, are both certified in administering BioTE to balance your hormone levels and help you feel your best at every age. 

Are you a candidate for this treatment? Here are a few signs you might benefit from BioTE:

You’re always tired

One key symptom of a hormone imbalance is chronic fatigue. That’s thanks, in part, to the fact that the hormones that play a role in your sleep-wake cycle drop off with age. Trouble falling asleep and staying asleep could be telltale signs that you’d benefit from BioTE. 

You’ve noticed hair, skin, and body changes

Shifting hormones can also shift your physical appearance. A puffy or rounded face is a sign of hormone imbalance, as are dry, brittle hair and nails. A hormone imbalance can also be to blame for weight gain and muscle mass loss. 

If you’re observing physical changes and you can’t explain them, don’t wait to talk to our team at Forever Bella Med Spa. Dr. Gurierrez and our staff can help you determine if these changes are caused by a hormone imbalance. 

You’re losing your sex drive

Aging means a decrease in testosterone levels for men and estrogen levels for women. This brings about a whole host of sexual wellness problems. For starters, it can decrease your libido. 

But even if your sex drive hasn’t changed, dropping hormone levels can lead to issues in the bedroom like vaginal dryness for women and erectile dysfunction for men. Fortunately, BioTE gives you a way to protect your sex life through the years. 

You’re hot and sweaty

Hot flashes aren’t just for women. If you experience sudden periods of hotness, don’t wait to talk to Dr. Gutierrez about it. Hot flashes are one of the biggest indicators that your hormones are imbalanced. 

As it changes your hormone levels, aging can interfere with your quality of life. But it doesn’t have to be this way. To find out if you’re a candidate for BioTE hormone replacement therapy, call our Forever Bella Med Spa office or make your appointment online today. 

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