Are PDO Sutures Safe?

Whenever a new aesthetic treatment comes onto the scene, it always begs a question: is it safe? That’s especially true when the treatment delivers dramatic results. People have a sense that in order to turn back the clock, they might need to be willing to give up something. 

But at Forever Bella Med Spa in Del Rio, Texas, Jaime Gutierrez, MD, and our team offer only the safest treatments available today. We thoroughly vet each treatment before we share it with patients at our office to ensure you don’t have to choose between the cosmetic results you want and your health and safety. 

That’s why we’re excited to offer surgery-free facelifts with polydioxanone (PDO) sutures to our patients. If you’re looking for facelift-like results without the invasive procedure or resulting downtime, this treatment could be for you. 

If you do choose a PDO facelift, you want to know it’s safe. That’s why we’ve built this guide. 

How a nonsurgical facelift with PDO sutures works 

With a PDO thread lift, Dr. Gutierrez uses PDO sutures to lift, tighten, and smooth your skin. During treatment, he applies these PDO threads wherever you need an anti-aging effect. After applying a local anesthetic, he threads the PDO suture under the surface of your skin using a hollow needle. Once the needle is removed, the suture grabs the skin around it, delivering an instant lift, while also stimulating the production of collagen. 

Over the coming months, your skin gradually and safely absorbs the suture. Your results don’t fade as they dissolve, though. Because the PDO thread stimulates collagen production, it leaves behind a new network of this critical protein that serves as scaffolding for your skin. Ultimately, the anti-aging effects of treatment with PDO sutures can last years, long after the sutures themselves have safely dissolved in your skin. 

The safety of PDO sutures

If you’re nervous about applying a synthetic material under the surface of your skin, it can be helpful to know that PDO sutures have a long history of safe, effective use in a variety of medical applications. In fact, they were used by surgeons for years before aesthetic specialists realized they could help people toward their cosmetic goals.

Back in the early 1980s, when PDO sutures first debuted in the medical field, surgeons were excited about them for the ability to maintain tensile integrity even as the body safely absorbed them. And they’re still widely used today. In fact, if you’ve ever received stitches that were dissolvable, there’s a high probability they were PDO sutures.

Because surgeons have been using PDO sutures for four decades, you can rest easy knowing medical professionals have fully explored the possibility of both short and long-term side effects with these sutures. Ultimately, the FDA has approved PDO sutures from a number of manufacturers because they acknowledge PDO threads are safe.   

If you want facelift-like results without the risk of complications from an invasive procedure, PDO sutures offer you a safe, effective alternative. To learn more about how Dr. Gutierrez can use this treatment to help you reach your cosmetic goals, call our Forever Bella Med Spa office, or make your appointment online today.

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