5 Amazing Benefits of PDO Nonsurgical Thread Lifts

The Fountain of Youth isn’t real (is it?) but the good news is that you don’t need a source of magical water to keep looking younger as the years roll on.

With a nonsurgical thread lift, you can almost instantly transform your appearance to look younger and more vibrant.

At Forever Bella Med Spa in Del Rio, Texas, Jamie Gutierrez, MD, has turned back time for countless patients just like you with a PDO (polydioxanone) nonsurgical thread lift. During a thread lift procedure, the doctor surgically injects thin, dissolvable threads under your skin to produce a subtle “lift” in the skin.

The threads pull your skin back slightly, and this, in turn, lifts and tightens your face and helps fill in loose skin, giving your face a younger, smoother appearance. This can benefit you in all sorts of ways, but for now, here are five amazing benefits of PDO nonsurgical thread lifts:

PDO nonsurgical thread lifts provide an instant change

As soon as the doctor inserts the threads, you can notice an immediate lifting effect. You don’t have to wait weeks to see a barely noticeable change: When you walk out of the office after your short appointment, you will already be looking younger.

PDO nonsurgical thread lifts stimulate collagen production

Not only will you notice immediate results, but a thread lift continues to improve your appearance for up to a couple of years. When the sutures are inserted into your skin, they trigger your body’s natural healing response, which causes your skin to begin producing new collagen and elastin. Collagen helps keep your skin strong, smooth, and supple, helping you continue to look younger.

PDO nonsurgical thread lifts can be completely customized

Because PDO threads are available in various sizes, you can customize your treatment to make your appearance look exactly the way you want. For example, thinner threads are used to restore volume and rejuvenate facial skin, while thicker threads lift and hold sagging skin on your neck.

PDO nonsurgical thread lifts are minimally invasive

Unlike traditional facelifts, PDO nonsurgical thread lifts are quick, convenient procedures that don’t take any longer than a normal doctor’s appointment. The sutures slowly reabsorb into the body in about six months, so you don’t even have to have them removed. There is no downtime necessary, so you can be back to normal as soon as possible.

PDO nonsurgical thread lifts provide a natural-looking result

While facelifts generally provide a highly noticeable difference in someone’s appearance, thread lifts usually lift the face by just a few millimeters. This gives you a more subtle and natural-looking end result than surgery would, reducing potentially unwanted comments from others. 

If you are ready to undergo a PDO thread lift (and get asked where you found the Fountain of Youth), just contact our office in Del Rio today to set up a consultation with Dr. Gutierrez.

You’ll lose wrinkles and gain confidence -- call today!

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